Single drum rollers

Roller for earth works is a device that is necessary for any construction site. It is the machine that helps you work, it facilitates, accelerates and improves your work. This wide operating range makes the earthworks rollers, it is a machine that allows you to save money. It is irreplaceable machine on workplace, as no other will do its work. Earthworks rollers smooths the ground, causing it to be flat, which in many cases of construction is very important and even necessary. Bearing in mind how much you need the earthworks rollers at work on the construction site we have made big effort to make them a part of our offer. So it happened and we can offer excellent quality earthworks rollers. We offer used machines. This means that they are not as expensive as a completely new machine. It’s a way to reduce expenses during construction work. Offered machines have been tried and tested. All passed the tests positively and therefore we can offer them. These machines are characterized by high quality.